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• Brief Overview of Chinese Culture

The Chinese culture is one of the oldest and most complex cultures in the world. The culture of China has been influenced by China’s long history and by its diverse ethnic groups which customs and traditions could vary greatly between towns, cities and provinces. Despite all of its regional diversity, the Chinese culture is dominated by the Confucian value system. It has been the ethical and philosophical system in China since its foundation by Confucius 2000 years ago. It is a complex system of moral, social behavior, political, philosophical and quasi-religious thought that has had tremendous influence on the culture and history of China.

Confucianism emphasizes on self-restraint, good relationship with others and mutuality to promote social harmony. Confucianism advocates respect for hierarchy and emphasizes loyalty to authority, to family, spouse and friends for keeping society in good order. Confucianism also exhorts all people to strive for being a perfect gentleman and be humaneness to all people.

Confucianism has embedded in people’s behavior and business culture in China. Many Chinese business people attach great importance to cultivating, maintaining, and developing personal relationship (guanxi) before doing business.

China composes 56 ethnic groups. Among them, Han Chinese is the majority ethnic group that account for 91.2% of the total population. The other 55 ethic groups are consequently referred to as minority ethnic groups, or minorities.

China is a pluralism of religion country. Religions include Buddhism, Taoism (Taoism), Islam, Christianity, Judaism and other smaller religions. Confucianism, by many, is considered as quasi-religious.

In China, much of the business is arranged and negotiated at the dining table. Since the Chinese prefer to do business with whom they know well, Dining and drinking are the best media for building relationships and connections - 'guanxi'. The degree of importance and the depth of the relationship with the guest can be judged from the food and wine offered.

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