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Business Guide

• Communication with the Chinese

For foreigner investors and companies, language barrier can be a huge issue when they want to enter the China market. Most of the Chinese locals do not understand much English if at all. One can expect that most senior managers in China do not speak English well enough to communicate at business level. Therefore, if you do not understand the Chinese language, you will need a good interpreter who can convey your message accurately to and not being misinterpreted any of your Chinese partners’ in visits and meetings. Many foreign companies now bring along (or hire) their own interpreters to ensure that their points are translated without any bias, even when the Chinese counterpart has interpreters.

An effective interpreter for you should be familiar with your industry, both of your native language and the Chinese language industry jargon, as well as the Chinese culture. It would be recommended that you provide your interpreter the relevant information that is required for him/her to effectively execute his/her task. If possible, before each meeting, spend some time to discuss with your interpreter what you want to achieve out of the negotiations.

It is always worthwhile to invest in producing a Chinese brochure, even if it consists of a one page backgrounder in Chinese. This will make a good impression and also ensure immediate understanding of a foreign company’s business proposition.

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