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CNC Machining, Die Casting, Die Molding, Metal Stamping & Metal Assembly

Our CNC machining, die casting, die molding, metal stamping & metal assembly partnering manufacturers are specialized in manufacturing wide range of metal parts, components and assemblies that can meet all customers’ strict specifications and requirements. They are specialized in aluminum and steel parts & components for electronic equipment housing, heat sinks, panels, precision machine parts, LED light frames, computer chassis, precision stamping parts, special screws, silver contacts, rivets & LED rivets, etc.

One of our advantages is that our partner manufacturers are mostly located in the Pearl River delta where it included China’s major hi-tech and manufacturing cities such as Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Jiangmen. The delta is also neighbored to Hong Kong, one of the major commercial centers and transportation hubs in the world with the highest transportation efficiency and most competitive shipping cost. Due to our location advantage, we can help our customers saving even more by close to manufacturers, better control and manage projects, lower cost in transportation and shipping, etc.

After years of close working relationship with manufacturers, we have established efficient cost structure and excellent communication channel with them that we can better help our customers and pass the substantial cost saving directly to them. Especially in tooling and molding that foreign customers can expect to save up to 300% than when they are doing the same work in western countries due to tooling, molding and engineering cost difference between western countries and China. We can help customers saving even more through our extensive manufacturing base.

Lower cost doesn’t mean inferior quality. In fact, our highly qualified partner manufacturers are equipped with state-of-the-art factories, leading edge machinery and advanced testing equipments from Germany, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan and top notched engineers and technicians to ensure product quality that can meet all customers' stringent specifications and requirements. They are mostly ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004 and OHSAS18001:1999 certified and compliant to RoHS with major customers included Panasonic, Toshiba, Philips, NEC, HP, ZTE, Step Network, Motorola, Skyworth, ACBEL Polytech Inc., Foxconn, Samsung, Huawei, Cooper, Whirlpoop, etc.

Our multi-lingual professionals with expensive experience communicate directly with manufacturers in your behalf to ensure product quality and on time delivery. We work closely with customers and manufacturers to prototyping custom designs, pre-production samples for review and approval, material inspection, in-production quality assurance and pre-shipment and container loading check.

Below show some CNC machining, die casting, metal stamping & assembly components & parts:

CNC Machining
• CNC machining brake discs
• CNC machining flanges
• Blue anodized aluminum parts
• CNC machining lock pins
• Precision turned parts
• CNC machining metal parts
• Precision sheet metal parts
• Etc.
CNC Machining Brake DiscCNC Machining FlangeCNC Machining Metal PartCNC Machining Lock PinCNC Machining High Precision Turned PartCNC Machining with Blue Anodized-RoHS ApprovedCNC Machining Sheet Metal PartCNC Maching Parts for Handle Bar

Die Casting
CNC machined die casting
CNC machined die casting made of alloy steel & brass
• Die casting with advanced tech.
• Die casting with polished and passivative Finish
• Precision die casting process inlude CNC machining, milling and painting
• Heat treated or powder coated die casting
• Precision die casting in aluminum-brass-magnesium and zinc
• Die-cast aluminum parts with black chromium-plated surface
• CNC machined part - die casting made of alloy steel and brass
• Etc.
Die CastingDie Casting with Advanced TechHigh Precision Die Casting Process include Tooling - CNC Machining - Milling - PaintingPrecision Die Casting in Aluminum-Brass-Magnesium and Zinc - Sand - GravityPrecision Casting part - Customized DesignSpiral Die Casting with Surface Treatment of Polishing and PassivationHeat Treated or Powder Coated Die Casting Plow Point

Metal Stamping
Metal stamping components with welding processing
Metal stamping with different precision mold
Metal stamping with plastic and machined parts assembly
Stainless steel or aluminum customized metal stamp parts
41pcs Metal Stamping Components with Welding ProcessingMetal Stamp Parts with .015mm Tolerance PrecisionMetal Stamping with Diff Precision MoldMetal Stamping with Plastic and Machined Parts AssemblyMetal Stamping_PDA CoverParts fo Lathe Machine with in-house tooling designStainless Steel or Aluminum Customized Metal Stamp Parts

Metal Assembly
Assembly unit with plastic and metal parts
• CNC machine part with metal-plastic-lathe assembly
• CNC machining parts with metal-plastic-lathe assembly made of Aluminum Alloy
• Metal stamping assembly for lathe machines
• Tension Spring and Metal Stamping Assembly
• Etc.
Assembly Unit with Plastic and Metal Parts that RoHS CcomplianceCNC Machine Part with Metal-Plastic-Lathe AssemblyCNC machining parts with metal-plastic-lathe assembly made of Aluminum AlloyCNC Machining with Metal-Plastic-Lathe AssemblyCNC Machining with Metal-Plastic-Lathe Assembly1Metal Stamping Assembly for Lathe MachinesTension Spring and Metal Stamping Assembly

Testing Equipments for Product Quality Assurance
2D measurement machine
3D measurement machine
Digital torque meter
Rockwell hardness tester
RoHS tester
Vickers hardness tester
2D Measurement Machine3D Measurement MachineDigital Torque MeterRockwell Hardness TesterRoHS TesterVickers Hardness Tester


CNC Test Floor 1 CNC Testing Floor 2 CNC Testing Floor 3


Our aim is to help foreign manufacturers, companies and entrepreneurs to lower their costs by outsourcing and manufacturing to China. Our location advantage can further help customers saving even more in other areas such as logistics, shipping, etc. Please contact us today for details about how we can help you outsourcing and manufacturing your metalwork parts, components and assemblies in China.


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